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Home Energy Audits

Spending money on renovations and construction is easy to do- spending it wisely is another thing altogether!  Energy audits quantify and prioritize the most effective energy efficiency projects for a building.   

Your home energy audit will include some or all of the following assessment practices:

  • Blower Door Testing for building tightness.
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Combustion Gas Analysis
  • Combustion Appliance Safety Testing
  • Electrical use measurement and analysis
  • Recommendations and Work scope authoring
  • Pre and post testing
How to Request a Home Energy Audit:
You can call Creative Energy Services directly to schedule an energy audit, and we will go through your options with you (218) 760-6837.

    Natural Gas and electric companies are required to spend a certain amount of money on energy conservation programs. Most of them spend some of this money subsidizing home energy audits.  If you are on Natural Gas, or have Xcel for your electric service, the least expensive way to get a home energy audit is often to use their programs.
   You can call your gas or electric company directly to request an audit. If you live in Central Minnesota with one of the following providers, you will likley get a Creative Energy Services auditor, or you can request Sarah if you'd like.

    Xcel 1-800-895-4999 or
    Offers: walk-through audit $30, Blower door only $60, Blower door + Infrared $100
    If you have Xcel for electric, but not gas, you can sign up for the walk through or blower door  audit, just not the IR. If you are in this situation, our auditors can still provide an IR scan, you would just pay them directly the additional $40.
    Centerpoint  612-321-5011 (toll-free 800-234-5800, ext. 5011)
    Offers: Basic Walk-through audit $25, Blower door + Infrared $100
    Private: If you are NOT an Xcel or Centerpoint customer, or if you want a more tailored service it is still fairly reasonable (and definitely worth it) have a Home Energy Audit Done. Creative Energy Services: 218 760 6837
    Cost $250 Includes: Blower Door, Infrared scan and photo record, full home assessment with recommendations.  Additional services available.
    Territory:  Brainerd area, from Little Falls to Pine River, Garrison to Staples.  More remote locations possible with mileage charge
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